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Open Source Web Design July 30, 2008

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I was interested in using open source to create web pages.  The website I created is

I took the source from this web page


Typography Re-design July 28, 2008

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Original Type

Original Logo

I choose B&H for re-design.  I decided to stay with the color theme. I took out the white and changed saturation.  B&H is a store that sells photo, audio and video equipment.  Since the company does not sell art but equipment I stayed away from “fancy type” and used Ariel.  I added vague strips to the letters to represent the 7 departments the store has.  I also changed the “&” as it looked wimpy being lowercase.  I wanted the letters to look strong so I kept them bold.  Strong would be what I expect out of my equipment not wimpy.  I also think the strips work better then the gradient. 

Final typography

1st re-design

 type changes made
Final re-design

Final changes:

Leave out strips
Change red background to white to make visible from a distance
Change yellow text to red and bolder for better visibility from a distance

City Atmospheres

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The goal of this project was to create a body of work displaying urban landscape photography which focuses on cities within the United States.  The photographs are placed in Metro Denver, the Los Angeles area, and Manhattan.  Each city is uniquely planned out.  For example in Manhattan’s environment is tightly woven.  In Colorado the environment is spacious.  California is continually green.