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Typography Re-design July 28, 2008

Filed under: Sample Work — marialuna2008 @ 11:31 pm
Original Type

Original Logo

I choose B&H for re-design.  I decided to stay with the color theme. I took out the white and changed saturation.  B&H is a store that sells photo, audio and video equipment.  Since the company does not sell art but equipment I stayed away from “fancy type” and used Ariel.  I added vague strips to the letters to represent the 7 departments the store has.  I also changed the “&” as it looked wimpy being lowercase.  I wanted the letters to look strong so I kept them bold.  Strong would be what I expect out of my equipment not wimpy.  I also think the strips work better then the gradient. 

Final typography

1st re-design

 type changes made
Final re-design

Final changes:

Leave out strips
Change red background to white to make visible from a distance
Change yellow text to red and bolder for better visibility from a distance

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