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Open Source Web Design July 30, 2008

Filed under: Sample Work — marialuna2008 @ 3:17 am

I was interested in using open source to create web pages.  The website I created is

I took the source from this web page


2 Responses to “Open Source Web Design”

  1. srisinger Says:

    Hi Maria,

    I enjoyed checking out your project. Your comments about the experience were great–especially about the children who brought their toys by you. Of the images I think New York was my facorite. You did a terrific job in communicating how crowded it is there, even taking out the sky makes you feel more closed in. My second favorite was LA. The new sky with the balcony combination made it really rich while showin some of the contrasting life styles there. Super job….Susan

  2. Whitney Heffelfinger Says:

    Maria, it is neat to see that you were actually able to use what we learned from the html information we learned in class. You said you actually changed the code for the color of the new web site? Wow. Cool. It is great that you were able to figure out the code without using the tool bar at the bottom of the Open Source screen. Did you just do this by experimentation in our digital media class? Your final web page is very clean looking and the color choices show off your information buttons. Hopefully this is a webpage you will be able to register and use. -Whitney

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